J-BusinessDirectory menu items

  • Add a business - Menu for adding a business listing

  • Bookmarks – Link to user bookmarks page

  • Business listings - Shows the business listings with different layouts and parameters

  • Cart - Display the user cart with their current orders

  • Company - Shows one listing based on the listing id

  • Conferences - show the conferences menu item

  • Control Panel - business owners - Business Owner control panel for managing all business data - listings, events, offers, quote requests, campaigns, services, event tickets

  • Control Panel - end-user - End-user control panel to manage reviews, service bookings, messages, offer orders, event tickets, quote requests

  • Event - Shows one event based on the event id

  • Events - Shows events based on the event id

  • Manage Business Articles - Manage business listing articles

  • Manage Business Listings - Manage user business listings

  • Manage Coupons - Manage user and business coupons

  • Manage Events – display the user events and provide the possibility to manage them

  • Manage Offers – display the user offers and provide the possibility to manage them

  • Offer - Shows one offer based on the offer id

  • Offers - Show offers from all companies

  • Sessions -show the sessions menu item

  • Show Catalog - Display the business listings in a catalog structure

  • Show Categories - Show Categories

  • Show Packages - Display the available payment plans

  • Speakers - show the speakers menu item

Create a menu item

To create the login menu item, go to Backend->Menus-> Select the desired menu->Click the New button.

You will get the following options: